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The PowerWalker VI GXB is a premium Line-Interactive UPS series with state-of-the-art technology and design.
The integrated AVR function and pure sinewave output ensures clean and stable output during power outages or voltage fluctuations.
The UPS functions can be monitored and controlled via USB communication, either with a software or without (HID).

The modern and elegant design makes the VI GXB series especially suitable for home and office use.
Applications include (but are not limited to) gaming and entertainment systems, office workstations, NAS etc.

As a Gamer your primary concern will be the protection and continuity of your Gaming PC, your router and your monitor.
By doing so you will be able to bridge short outages and keep playing, or perform a safe shutdown during a longer interruption.
Furthermore, the UPS status can be color customizable, so that you can visually recognize in which mode the UPS is!

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