Privacy Policy

Each time you visit our website, the web server only recognizes your domain name and not your email address. However,
your email address is saved when:

  • You post a message or question via our website
  • You communicate us your email address
  • You take part in a discussion forum or chat session
  • All information coming from other sites that have referred you to our site
  • All information that you have given us (ex.: site registration, request for catalog, …)
  • All information regarding the pages you have visited on our website

This information can be used for the following purposes:

  • Internal use
  • To complete the contents of our website
  • To inform you about updates of the website
  • To inform you about our promotions, new products and general product information and this on a regular basis

This information is only used internally by Alfa Systems and will not be sold or given to other companies for commercial purposes.

The website uses cookies to collect certain information about your visits.
We do not have any relationships or any other special commitments with advertisement offices or companies.
All the information collected via our website fully complies with the standard encoding techniques of the IT environment.

How to contact us regarding this Privacy Statement ?

If you want to react regarding these previously described procedures, you can contact us via email:

Communication via email

If you do not want to receive further emails , please contact us via:

Communication via letter

If you have given us your postal address, then you might receive printed information from us, on a regular basis, regarding
our catalog, new products and promotions.

Communication by phone / fax

If you have given us your telephone- and/or fax number, then you might be contacted by our company or external call center, to inform you about the status or your orders, to inform you about special promotions and other information that could be relevant to our business.

Alfa Systems has the right to use the collected information for new purposes that are not yet mentioned in this Privacy Statement. In that case we will notify you about the changes of the rules described in this statement regarding the
protection of your privacy.

When requested, we can provide the visitor of our website, with all the collected information regarding his / her visit(s). If requested we will change the collected information (email, …) according to the new given data. Please contact us via the above mentioned address.