RMA Procedure

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RMA Procedure

For all RMA request please follow these guidelines :

Note down PART NUMBER, SERIAL NUMBER, INVOICE NUMBER and DEFECT of the device before contacting us.

Call +32(0)15/45.11.60 or mail to support[at]alfasys.be.
Mention the P/N, S/N and problem.

After checking whether it’s an easy-to-fix problem or a real defect you will be helped directly or issued with a RMA number.
When you receive the RMA number you may ship the item(s) back to Alfa Systems.
Returns without RMA number will not be accepted or will be shipped back without checking, repair or replacement.

When we receive the RMA :

If the product is not working we will proceed with the RMA.

If the product is not workig and it’s the result of misuse or damaged by extreme heat, moist, etc. the item will be shipped back with an invoice for repair and shipping.

If the product works and there is no problem found, the item will be shipped back with an invoice for prospecting and shipping.

Special procedure for Digi products :

Please keep in mind that for some support request a charged ‘contract support ticket’ is necessary!

An overview of Digi International’s RMA policy.

Having the defect appliance installed, you have to sit at the computer and need to have all administrative rights for PC/Network.
Customer contacts Digi Technical Support at 1-800-344-4273 (option #3) or opens a Case# through the online support request.
Digi Technical Support creates a Case # and captures the serial #s of each unit, troubleshoots, and determines whether the units need to come in to Digi for repair.
If they determine that an RMA is needed after troubleshooting, they will authorize the RMA and forward it to the customer service team.
All customers should troubleshoot issues with Digi’s Technical Support team in order to obtain an approval for an RMA.
Failure to work with technical support could result in a fee if the product comes back for repair and is deemed “No Problem Found” (NPF).
A form of payment will be required at the time of the RMA request.