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BR-500AC WIRELESS BRIDGE / AP-2.5 & 5.0Ghz , 2×2 MIMO

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Connect Ethernet devices to your Wi-Fi network

BR-500AC is the first commercially available 802.11ac wave2 2×2 MU-MIMO dual-band Ethernet to Wi-Fi bridge supporting WPA3-Enterprise Wi-Fi security. Leveraging advanced features of 802.11ac wave2 standard, BR-500AC securely, reliably, and efficiently connects any Ethernet device to your wireless network enabled by a recent Wi-Fi access point.
The BR-500AC supports two connection topologies, a single client mode, and a multi-client mode.
The BR-500AC seamlessly bridges an Ethernet device to 802.11ac wave2 wireless network in the single client mode.
It can also bridge up to 16 Ethernet devices connected through a network hub to the wireless network.

The BR-500AC provides the latest Wi-Fi WPA security, WPA3, in conjunction with 802.1X authentication to offer WPA3-Enterprise wireless network security.
For users who need PSK authentication, the BR-500AC also supports WPA3-Personal with the SAE method

Supports fast-roaming to add not only wireless connectivity but also mobility to an Ethernet device.
The perfect solution for a medical cart and mobile workstation.


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