Powerstrip 5xOutlets + Surge protection

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The acar F5 plus, is intended to protect connected appliances against surges and spikes.
The acar F5 plus is enriched with enhanced surge protection and with the indicator of its proper operation.
With this solution, you can be sure that the connected appliances are protected against damage from surges in the electricity network.
Five socket outlets allow for effective protection of multiple appliances with just one power strip.
The acar F5 plus is applicable both at home and in the office.

230V / 10A, 50Hz
Max. load: 2300W
Protection Level: =< 1.3kV
Nominal discharge current: 2kA (L/N) – 8/20µs
Maximum discharge current: 10kA (L/N) – 8/20µs
Iluminated double pole mains ON/OFF switch
1x automatic fuse, slow blow, 10A/250V

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