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Powerstrip 4xOutlets + Surge protection

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The acar X4 is a modern, compact device protecting electronic equipment against spikes and surges in the power lines.
The modern design allowed the combination of high aesthetic values with the possibility to provide effective surge protection for up to four appliances at the same time.
The glossy surface gives the device a modern look with its original character.
Compact size of the acar X4 enables its versatile use both at home and in the office, while maintaining a high level of security.

230V / 10A, 50Hz
Max. load: 2300W
Protection Level: =< 1.3kV
Nominal discharge current: 2kA (L/N) – 8/20µs
Maximum discharge current: 6,5kA (L/N) – 8/20µs
Dimensions: 108x96x75mm


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