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Netio Smart PDU, WiFi+LAN

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NETIO 4FR is a smart power power PDU with four 230V/8A sockets, connected to LAN and WiFi.
Each of the four power sockets can be individually switched on/off using various M2M API protocols.
NETIO 4FR is a unique product designed for IT, industry, smart homes, multimedia installations and other applications. Use the product whenever you need 230V sockets controlled by a mobile app, by a computer program (via M2M API) or by a custom script (Lua), and featuring a timer (Scheduler) or auto reboot functionality (IP WatchDog).

– Industrial / robust design
– 4x CEE 7/7 sockets
– LAN / WiFi connectivity
– Designed for every IT user
– MQTT security protocol for IoT use
– Supports Luna scripting language
– Supports different remote control protocols: Telnet, SNMP,XML, JSON, SIP, XML, …


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