VFI 1000 - 10.000 VA rackmount

VFI1000 – VFI10000 RMG PF1

The PowerWalker VFI 1000-10000 RMG PF1 is a professional series for commercial applications featuring unity Power Factor (PF=1.0) and very strong charger with adjustable current. The wide input voltage and frequency ranges allow operation in unstable networks and provide generator support.

– Unity Power Factor (kVA = kW)
– Professional solution for commercial application
– Generator-compatible and very low Total Harmonic Distortion on output voltage
– EPO Function (Emergency Power Off)




When it comes to dedicated security and surveillance systems connectivity issues may not only be caused by accidental events (such as blackouts or network problems), but you also need to be prepared for intentional and malicious attacks.

PowerWalker Smart PoE UPS is a compact device, designed specifically to safeguard your PoE camera from loss of connection. It is powered and charged from a single PoE line (data + power), allowing the installation right next to the camera.

With the PowerWalker Smart PoE UPS, you essentially transform each PoE camera with memory capacity into a security network with its own backup system.