This LTE antenna allows the usage of different LTE bands inside. It is completely compatible to GSM, UMTS, Bluetooth, WLAN 2.4 / 5.0 GHz, ZigBee, DECT, Z-Wave and LoRa 868 MHz / 915 MHz.
SKU: 12408

USB 3.0 Hub for laptop or tablet is your mobile companion because it requires no power supply. Besides to the 3 USB ports, it has a slot for SD memory cards. The maximum current of 900 mA is divided between the USB ports and the card reader.
SKU: 62535

This aluminium-enclosure enables you to install a 2.5″ SATA HDD or SSD and provides up to 4 different connecting options due to its special Multiport USB 3.0 + eSATAp interface. The Multiport is a combination of eSATA and USB 3.0 interface, which supports a fast data transfer and a voltage supply of up to 5 V. For extra voltage supply, when connecting via eSATA, you will find an additional power cable included in delivery.
SKU: 62407

Up to three HDMI devices can be used with one HDMI monitor, TV or projector.
Audio extractor: this function can be used to extract the audio signal from an HDMI transmission. While the video signal is displayed on a TV or monitor, the audio signal can be sent digital (S/PDIF) or analogue (stereo) to other devices, such as headphones or a surround receiver.
SKU: 66498

This converter can be connected to your PC or laptop via Thunderbolt™ port and enables the connection of HDDs, SSDs and other drives with SATA 22 pin interface.
SKU: 87683

USB 3.0 Matrix 2×2 switch can be used with two computers to access two USB devices in any combination. 
SKU: 87736

This adapter complies with the Express Card 34 mm standard. It expands a laptop by two eSATA ports, to which SATA devices such as external hard disks can be connected.
SKU: 61386

This antenna allows the usage of different LTE bands indoors and outdoors. It is completely compatible to GSM, UMTS, LTE, ZigBee, DECT, Z-Wave, NB-IoT, WLAN, Bluetooth, ISM, DECT, TETRA and LoRa .
SKU: 12545