Bodet – NTP

NTP: Network time servers

Each company is unique. Each specific need has its own time server.
In order to guarantee you a solution tailored to the particularities of your network, we offer you a complete, modular and configurable range of time servers.

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Netsilon 7: simple and affordable.

Time accuracy at an affordable price.

Its technical characteristics perfectly match the needs of non-critical systems.
It synchronises the IT network(s) and all IT equipment (computers, printers, video surveillance systems, etc.).
Thanks to the accuracy of the time distributed, timestamping allows you to build an accurate and reliable database of events that occur on the network.
These data enable you to monitor that the equipment is functioning correctly.

Netsilon 9: PTP GrandMaster clock / NTP Time Server

When the security of critical systems is fundamental.

In the event of an outage or malfunction, the consequences can be dramatic.
Customisable. Depending on your needs and the constraints of your network installation, Netsilon 9 is able to adapt to transmit time information via a wide range of protocols. Its modular design with option cards enables a wide variety of input/output signals: 1PPS, IRIG, PTP, NTP, 10 MHz.
Secure. Encryptions, single sign-on system, activation/deactivation of network protocols: these are just some of the parameters available on Netsilon 9 that makes it a robust solution.
Durable. Literally and figuratively. On one hand, its fanless design ensures a longer service life. On the other hand, its low energy consumption means it uses less electricity and is therefore more respectful of the planet.

Netsilon 11: a concentration of technology.

The ultimate in time servers

Ultra-precise and ultra-stable.
This is not surprising when you consider that the oscillator on board Netsilon 11 is even more powerful. And even more accurate.
In case of signal loss, the quality of its holdover allows it to maintain a precise and perfectly reliable time reference.
Time management has always been our area of expertise. Time management has always been our area of expertise.
We control the entire design and manufacture of our time servers.
This is why the Netsilon 11 integrates a reliable PTP solution as well as a
high-precision oscillator requiring low power consumption.