HDMI Cables + Ethernet



– High quality HDMI + Ethernet High Speed cables for the connection between PC, notebook, monitor or TV
– 2x HDMI male connectors with gold plated contacts
– 10.2Gbps / 340MHz bandwidth
– Dual streaming 1080p @ 60 Hz for 3D stereoscopic
– Resolution up to 3840 x 2160 @ 30 Hz (or 4K @ 24 Hz)
– Audio return channel : allow to set up the audio volume from one device linked by HDMI (TV) to the home cinema device
– Audio HD multi channels ( Dolby True HD & HD DTS master audio)
– HDMI Ethernet Channel : allow to link every HDMI from 1.4 revision as an Ethernet network (with the appropriate hardware like a internet set top box)
– Available in different lenghts.


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