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Control 4x 220V sockets via LAN of WiFi

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Product Description


    ‌NETIO 4 is smart power socket (smart power strip) with four 230V/8A sockets, connected to LAN and WiFi. Each of the four power sockets can be individually switched on/off using various M2M API protocols. NETIO 4 is a unique product designed for IT, industry, smart homes, multimedia installations and other applications. Use the product whenever you need 230V sockets controlled by a mobile app, by a computer program (via M2M API) or by a custom script (Lua), and featuring a timer (Scheduler) or auto reboot functionality (IP WatchDog). 

    • 4x 220V sockets ( Belgian / French ), max. 8 Amp
    • LAN & Wifi. Can also function as a WiFi AP ( Access Point )
    • Industrial & robust design : metal hosing
    • Sockets can be controlled over the Web or with a mobile (iOS / Android)
    • The switching of sockets can be time-controlled by the Scheduler with a graphical interface.
    • The IP WatchDog (automatic restart) function controls the 230V socket by detecting “ping”
          responses. It can be used to restart unresponsive servers, routers or microwave links.  
    • As a unique advantage, individual power outputs of NETIO 4 smart socket devices can be controlled
         over LAN/WiFi with a wide range of network protocols: Telnet, URL API, SNMP/SNMPv3, XML(hhtp, https), JSON, SIP, MQTT
    • Scripting possible via Lua ( www.lua.org )
    •  High level of network security
    • Examples:
         1) NETIO 4, when used as a PDU (Power Distribution Unit) in a 19" cabinet, can restart servers or
         2) NETIO 4, when used as a WiFi-controlled power strip, can turn on air-conditioning, a vending
             machine, etc.
         3) NETIO 4 smart socket devices support a wide range of M2M API protocols for communication
             with central software systems.
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